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January 21, 2010, 8:15 pm
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Week 1 here comes to a wrap.

I have to say this was a big refresher for me, a much needed one I must say. Going over the basics of HTML might seem boring at some times but let me tell you the sooner you learn the basics the better you will be off. Going over the “web” and actually what it is and means is very interesting. All of the networks and road ways seem intense when you think about how much there actually has to be.

Creating my first page assignment brought me back to my junior year of high school when I had my web page design class. All of that info I learned in that year has been stowed away for along time. Thanks to these assignments and videos ( is amazing by the way) helped dig that knowledge out, add to it, and allowed me to actually apply it to an assignment again.

I believe any web designer should have “The 8 commandments of web design” Hanging on their walls. I know I would if they made it in a poster.



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I never took any design classes but I’ve been fiddling around with html long enough to think I know more than I really do. Fortunately I’m already learning enough so far in the class to break through my undeserved tendency to drift toward pretention.

Comment by blogathan

yeah I know what your saying

Comment by amishrakefights

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